Hi guys,

I'm trying to backup the trustees data from an NSS volume on an OES2 SP2a (SLES 10 SP3) server.

If I manually type the command:

metamig save DATA2 >/media/nss/DATA2/trustees.bak

It saves the trustees with no problem (when logged in as root).

However, I added the following line to the crontab (again whilst logged in as root using crontab -e)

00 21 * * * metamig save DATA2 >/media/nss/DATA2/trustees.bak

The job runs, but the file created in 0 bytes in size.

I have tried saving the backup file in a different location, but it didn't make any difference.

My thoughts are that even though I edited root's crontab, the job isn't being run as root, but as an account that lacks the relevant permissions to backup the trustee data.

Any ideas how I sort this?