I have a strange problem with BM3.8/SP5 running on NW6.5/SP5.

A client has sent a file with a too big attachment via the E-Mail Server
over the BM3.8 mail proxy. Because the proxy wasn't able to transmit the
mail and the internet performance was very poor, I stopped the Border
Manager Server, restarted the server (without BM Proxy) and deleted the two
files, belonging to that E-Mail manually in the outgoing folder of the mail
Then I started again the BM Proxy.

But after then, I was not able to sent any E-Mail to the domain which the
too big E-Mail was originally sent to (and I deleted manually). Every other
E-Mails are Transmision is ok.
The log-file says: Transmission Error and there is as sender and
recipient adress logged.

Any Idea what I can do to solve these problem?
Thanks for any relpy.