Hi all,

I have tried direct download and manual import. *On a SLES 10.2 server that did the 10.3.0 update flawlessly (at least it appeared to, and all managed devices updated as well), I repeatedly get this error attempting the 10.3.1 update:
"An error occurred while downloading the update content for this device. *Make sure that this device has valid content servers configured via closest server rules, and that the content replication has occurred to this devices content server"
This is the content server... *I am using 'apply to selected devices' *to update (only) it, prior to continuing with the managed workstations.

This is the (only) primary server. *The error I am seeing in zmd-messages.log, that results in the novell-contentservice marking this server as bad, is "value cannot be null for Checksum".

Has anyone else experienced this error? *Are there files/directories I should manually remove to get a clean download? (Thus far I have retried after deleting the download via the ZCM interface.) *Anyplace else I should be looking for clues?

thanks for any suggestions!
Greenhills School