Back when we had BM 3.6 we abandoned transparent proxy for a numerous
reasons (i.e. problems recording usernames in the logs). We changed to
HTTP Proxy and distributed proxy settings for all of our PC's.

We are currently on BM 3.8.4 and would to reconsider this (due to the
number of "guests" bringing laptops and needing internet access).

Any input/advice on the following would be appreciated:

1) In the past some experts (i.e. Craig Johnson) have recommended not
using the transparent proxy. Are these still the sentiments of those in
the know?

2) In the past the transparent proxy has had some issues (we had some
crazy packet recieve buffer problems in earlier version). Is the newer
version stable or is it still less reliable than running HTTP Proxy?

3) Are there any issues (performance or reliability) with running both
HTTP Proxy and Transparent Proxy (i.e. would it be best to run one or
the other, not both)?

4) Any other input or advice on the general subject?

Thanks in advance.