Hey guys,

we are in the testing stage for Windows 7, looking to roll it out early 2011, but we've hit a major stumbling block with ZCM that I just can get round, and it seems to be a bit of a show stopper. On all the windows 7 test pc's if we update a bundle and increment the version, the test pc's will not pickup that there has been a change until we log out of zenworks and log back in again. Refreshing the client on its own has no effect. Also sometimes, if we assign a new bundle to a user who is already logged in, and get them to refresh their agent, they too won't pickup that they have been assigned anything new. But if you do a logout from their zenworks agent, and then log them in again, it will pickup the change.
We have no problems at all with our XP machines, and they are all the same bundles (just straight file copies mostly).

Is anyone else seeing this weird behaviour? We are on about build 23 of our windows 7 image, and it seems to have happened on all of the builds (we start from scratch each time). I haven't seen anything on the forums about this, so just wondered if we are alone with this one.