I want to give access to a web page for members of a edir-group.
The Apache-Webserver and a edir-replica run on the same oes2 server.
I added these directives to my .htaccess file:

Options Indexes Multiviews
AuthLDAPURL ldap://xxx/t=edirtreename?uid?
AuthType Basic
AuthName Test
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on
require ldap-group cn=group, o=context

Due to a lack of documentation I got in trouble to manage the
authentificaton process.

It seems that ...

- without a LDAP-Proxy User(defined in apache conf file) group-members
cannot not login
- only members of LUM-enabled edir-groups can login. The members need not to
be LUM-enabled.

Is this as designed ? Why do I need LUM-enabled groups ?
Where can I get further information concerning this authentification process
(ldap-group) and the necessary configuration steps ?

BTW ... is the edir_mod from Netware 6.5 still being supported on OES2-Linux

Cheers, k.