Currently we're using DLU to manage our local user profiles, but will be migrating to AD and disabling DLU which then will create a new user profile adding .domain to the end of the profile since dlu has already created the user profile locally.

I created a basic personality template and have collected the information I want to transfer to the new profile, but I cannot find a solution to automate that information to a different destination user profile. At the moment it wants to transfer the user profile user1 to user1 however I am logged in as user1.domain. It appears since user1 exists on the machine it wants to automatically apply the profile back to user1 which is not correct, I need it to transfer to user1.domain.

If I double click on the pnp file using the GUI, I can change the destination profile to the user1.domain user and it transfers all the information I have collected using the store command, but I need to automate this if possible.

Is this tool supposed to be used only when migrating profiles using the same name, (ie: reimage or replacing computer)?