This should be easy, but the docs really disappoint me. They just do
not explain the options very well at all.

All I want to do is install a program when the user logs into the
network. I have created a windows bundle based on an MSI that i
uploaded to the content-repo.

Now when I assign it, what do I specify: a distribution schedule, a
launch schedule, or an availability schedule? It makes no sense,
because when I look at the actions tab, I see Distribute, Install,
Launch, etc. The schedules don't match up with the actions.

The problem I have with the docs is that they tell how to create a
distribution schedule or a launch schedule, but they don't tell me why
I would want to create each one. The how is obvious, the why is not -
the docs should explain the why!

And if I'm missing the obvious, tell me...maybe my brain is already on
holiday. :-)