Hello everybody

I have a program in my lan that need to reach from the internet on
port 5080.
The program send and receive files.
I haven't got NAT.My border server 3.8 with one public and one
private interface.
I create a generic proxy for it.I enable access rule for port 5080.I
open the generic
log file and i see the internet user reach my lan pc 5080 port
successfull but the
file not in my incoming directory and the internet user can't get a
response from the program.
I can send a file to outside users from my program.

my filter exception is:

src int: public
dest int: all
packet tcp
src port: 5080
dest port: 1024-65535
statefull: disabled
src addr: any
dest addr: any


src int: all
dest int: public
packet tcp
src port: 1024-65535
dest port: 5080
statefull: disabled
src addr: any
dest addr: any

What is the problem with my filter exception ?

Best regards
Zoltan Kovacs