IanSVT;2662546 Wrote:
> I'm running BM3.8 on a NW6.5 SP5 box. I installed BM 3.8 SP5 a week or
> so ago and I've been having issues since. At least two times a day I
> won't be able to get to any sites. I'll get a 502 Bad Gateway(DNS Host
> name resolution failed.) failed error. Unloading the proxy and loading
> it back up again sorts it out short term.
> Has anyone else ran into this? Could my prxyhosts file be having
> issues and becoming corrupted?

I changed the Max DNS Entry Threshold to 10,000 from 2500(in border
setup/nwadmin). I haven't had to bounce the proxy in a couple of hours
now so I'm hoping that did the trick.