Hi there,
I am using Zenworks 10.3 on OES2.
I have successfully created a windows 7/XP desktop policy in the Zen Control Center. Under the Policies menu, the "Action" option for Users is greyed out as it says I have not configured any user sources yet. So I went to the "Users" menu item, and would like to create some users.
Under here, there is a "Zenworks Users Groups" already added. So I "added" a new test group to this (as this seemed like the only option I had).
Now, I assumed the next step is to add members to this group, and then associate it with my new desktop policy. So when I add members, I would like them to be a NDS container or group that is in my tree. Unfortunately when I select members, the options for searching seem to have nothing to do with my containers or real user groups.
I hope I am making sense here? Anyway, I guess I am missing the boat somewhere with this, and possibly am looking in the totally incorrect place.

Anyway, the bottom line is, I would like to associate a container that has users within it, with a particular desktop policy.