Normally I would upgrade from a DVD but I took a chance and let a new OES2sp2 system that I had just installed which was not in production yet upgrade to sp3. The initial script install and reboot worked fine. The second round of update which installed a couple of additional scripts completed and required another reboot. The system failed to come up completely and only booted into maintenance mode.

This OES2 is a VM running on ESXi 4.1. While in maintenance mode, the Vmware console was completely useless because all keyboard presses were getting entered multiple times and also causing high CPU utilization on the remote PC that was running the Vmware client. Very odd. I enabled the VNC backdoor feature in the virtual machine and was able to get console access via that method.

So far, I have determined that my second virtual drive is not being identified properly by Suse Linux. The devices show up in /dev but the information for the drive is missing in locations such as /dev/disks/by-name which is how I was mounting my volumes. I had /home and /data1 mount points to partitions on /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2. I was using ReiserFS.

I did some forum searching and found similar issues but it is getting beyond my ability to diagnose.

I will open a support incident on Monday and see if there is a fix for this and see if we can find out why this would have happened. If there is no easy fix, I will just blow away the configuration and redo the VM.