This is something I should know and since I don't, I should have seen the issue earlier, but I came across it today, as we're putting the last bricks into the new ZCM setup.

We are going to have a mix of Workstation and User assigned bundles. The problem we had back with ZDM 6.5 and 7 was that the workstation association was not a proper workstation association and was ignored in our environment.

Now, with ZCM 10, with me back from vacation to the shock that everything has been workstation assigned, cleanup up I saw the issue regarding stuff I want 95% of the users to access, but hide from the selected few.(Exam users for example).

I could do this in 2 ways:
- Dedicated install bundles assigned to workstations
- Icon bundles, assigned to users

- Depending on the application, one bundle for both install and launch. User assigned, INSTALL actions are Run Once.

I have tested 2) which fits our need best without having to repack every bundle so far made to fit 1). Is this good to use or should we in the ideal setup go for 1) where we split it up.

It appears after some light LAB testing that the ZCM agent understands that it already has installed a bundle, even though its not workstation assigned, but assigned to a different user on the same device, already installed. In testing this worked without any hiccup, is it OK to stay this way? It makes packing and maintenance a lot easier.

If you believe in the Georgian calendar, A Happy & Fruitful New Year to you =)