Hi everyone, I'm sure at one point you've been through this: I am upgrading a Netware 6.5 server with new hardware (call the existing box SERVERA with an IP of I have the new hardware on site and want to get a jump on the upgrade. I'd like to install it (say with a name of SERVERB and an IP of It will be in the same tree and OU of SERVERA. Once I've installed Netware & patches, how would I down SERVERA and rename SERVERB and change its name and IP to match SERVERA (which would be powered off).

Some questions are: do I remove eDir from SERVERA and take it out of the tree entirely? Delete the volumes (after backing up the data, of course)?

I've done this before with a crashed server, but this time the old server is still alive and well. I want to avoid a new server name on the network (too many UNC shortcuts to fix, etc).

Thanks for any pointers!