The owner of the company was having trouble receiving some emails today.
I could see they came into GWIA but then disappeared, not in Junk or
blocked, not in Trash, not findable by searching, just somehow lost
between the GWIA and the POA.

So I thought to do a rebuild. First I tried in Console1 and was told
that the user wasn't associated with a post office, but then it
proceeded with the rebuild showing him associated with the right PO
after all. That rebuild (Analyze/Fix) didn't change anything.

So I thought to do a "Rebuild User Database". This has been disastrous;
his mailbox is now empty, as are many folders including a huge SENT
folder, but some folders have messages, and the Trash folder has
probably everything it had earlier today. Another folder, his personal
"Old Sent Messages", does seem to have all his pre-2009 stuff, but I'm
missing a huge part of the last 2 years worth of his email!

So now I'm wondering if the best thing to do is to backtrack and pull
the mailbox from backups. I have both a backup-to-disk and a tape
backup of the complete Groupwise system, made under Backup Exec. But
I'm not really sure if I can recover a single user.

Can anyone provide some clarification or suggestions about the best way
to go at this point? It's really horrifying that this happened with the
company owner; any other user probably would have been fine even with
the loss, but I hate to lose data at all. And I'm not at all clear why
so much data just disappeared when the report on the rebuild indicated
no unfixable problems or errors.

Help by anyone who knows how to deal with this situation would be

Thanks in advance.

-- DE