Hello everyone.....

This may be unique to the Lenovo T500 but it may not be...

I'm trying to put a Windows XP SP3 image on a bunch of Lenovo T500 laptops.

The image appears to go find, but when I put the image on another laptop, it
gets to the Windows XP Splash screen and then blue screens.

Lenovo is blaming the software, we don't have any trouble with the Lenovo
Novell is blaming the size of the image file, but this is happening with
files much smaller than the last good one we have.

We have tried lots of combinations and I have be having less and less luck.

Could this me a driver issue on my boot CD?
Has anyone out there had experience with Zen7 imaging and the Lenovo T500??

Thanks in advance.


Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa
United States of America