Hey all,

There are a few of us with these weird problems that we are just stuck with.

Facts: NW6.5 sp6 with some post sp6 stuff, BM3.8 sp5, not running filtcfg, Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg, Connectotel Linkwall, Dell 2650 pizza box.

First, we experience at least 1 abend per week in Proxy.nlm. Yes, I know you are going to want me to post it. I am waiting for the next one to happen.

Second, just seemingly prior to an abend, the server will stop communicating with everything. Yet, at the console the server seems happy and content. TCP communication stops. It might stop for 5 minutes, or 5 hours before it comes back with an abend.

Finally, and probably the most troubling, for some strange reason, web page graphics will randomly not work. Going to Mail.yahoo.com will product no graphics. 10 minutes later, and no changes, everything is fine. If I turn off the proxy on the workstations, everything works, Turn it back on, it is broken. This might last for 10 minutes, or last until a complete reboot of the server. I have checked this on 7 computers with the same results.

Any thoughts?