Fact SBS 6.5 with SP6 and BM 3.8 with SP5 since December 2006

When starting IE7 on workstation the logger screen rattles through messages
from AUTHCHK.NLM IP address attempted to spoof
Closing IE7 stops the messages.
IE7 comes up with a certificate error warning but when clicking OK to trust
the site it allows browsing.
BM has 2 interfaces public = 192.168.1.x and private 192.168.2.x
proxy worked fine but IE 7 or BM sp5 may have introduced the problem above.
there is a TID 10060772 from 2002 which just states that the problem is
cosmetic but this may not be the case. We do not like the fact that the
logger screen is filled up by 100,000s lines of spoofing messages.
The workstation WIN XPP has 2 static IPs ,one for the private traffic to
the server = and one for public traffic so that we
can get at it with RDP .

Has anybody seen this AUTHCHK message recently?