We have an older IBM Netfinity 5000 server running Netware 6.5 sp8 with the
follow on MM.NLM patch. The server went down yesterday and now we can't get
it to restart. We were getting the message "The critical component MM.NLM
was not loaded or executed or is missing." We copied the backup copy of
mm.nlm from the MM.SP8. Then MM.NLM loaded but there was an initialization
failure on IPSRAID.HAM. We moved the servcfg.* files out of c:\nwserver.
IPSRAID.HAM then initialized, but now we get "The critical component LFS.NLM
was not loaded or executed or is missing."

The DOS partition is on the same RAID logical Volume as the main Netware
partitions. The DOS partition is accessible, or we wouldn't even get this
far. The RAID setup utility shows everything is normal with the RAID set.

What do I need to try next?

Thank You,

Brad Johnson

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