I have a new server running a clean install of OES2 Sp2 that loses at least one of the Novell-cifs shares after a reboot. If I manually restart novell-cifs, they all come back. There are four shared volumes and at least one is missing after a reboot sometimes 2 or 3.

Cifs.log contains this for each missing share:
ERROR: ENTRY: CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Error adding new share (CIFSNDSPutSharePointInfo) : 22101
and later on
ERROR: VERB: Tconx to (VOL1) error No valid mount point

For volumes that do mount, I get a lot of these errors, not sure if they are related:
ERROR: RCP: Update of trustee failed for path /TECH
ERROR: CODIR: Unknown volume name received as parameter

In ncpserv.log there are corresponding errors:
IPCServRequestEx clientErr=-1

I had another problem in which NetStorage would throw a 500 error and this was fixed by restarting apache2, so I forced apache2 and novell-cifs to load dead last and while NetStorage started working consistently, I still have to manually restart cifs to get all shares online.

This server has been fully updated with OES2 SP2. None of our other servers exhibit the same symptoms, though none of those have more than one NSS volume shared. None of our OES2 servers old a replica yet because of fears that Zen 4 objects would be damaged, only Netware 6.5 SP8 servers have replicas. Maybe that could cause slower nss volume mount or hinder cifs from finding the nss volumes right away? I guess I dont have a good understanding of how cifs talks to the volumes, but I've gone over all the documentation over and over and scoured the forums and found nothing.

Any ideas?