Good morning, we are preparing for a major overhaul of our current GroupWise environment, moving from NetWare 6.5 SP8, GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2 on NSS volumes to OES2 SLES 10 SP3 on NSS volumes. The major hurdle that we are facing right now is that our current environment has a great deal of corruption, we are getting errors when we move users, after having run GWchecks we are seeing problems with errors 79, and 82 we have started running ATTCLIP, and DELDUPFOLDER switch settings on the GWChecks as of a few weeks ago, but it is taking a long time to complete those checks, and we are seeing those errors being cleaned up slowly but we need to quicken the pace at which those errors are being cleaned up. Here is specifically what I am asking for

1.) Are there any other switch settings that we can add into our current structure and contents checks that can increase the clean-up of our GroupWise system? Is there a TID or Link that can describe in detail what those switches would (could) do to the current system?

2.) Would the stand-alone GWCheck work better (faster) than the server version? Would those same switch settings work for the stand-alone as well as the server version?

3.) We want to get aggressive with the clean-up procedure, our target window is fat approaching, and we need to start moving users to give everyone a sense that we are starting to meet this date.