We are currently in the process of changing ISPs and so have 2 public
address ranges, both /29s with addresses from both bound to the BM server.
What I am trying to do is make sure that all the inbound stuff is working
with the new ISP before we switch off the old one so I am trying to run the
same proxy inbound from 2 different addresses. Static routes exist for both
ranges and I can change my default route from one to the other and
everything outbound works so fundamentally connectivity is good.

In NWAdmin I have added one of the new addresses as a public address and in
the HTTP Acceleration section I have added this new IP address to the
existing (working) entry.

With filters disabled and running pktscan and trying to connect to the new
address then I can see the initial requests coming in to the server on the
new IP address but replies are going back out on the old address (which is
currently the default route) and hence the session is not established if
there are any firewalls at the client side.

I guess this is down to the default route situation whereby it can't send
data back down the new line as it has no information where to send it to -
only one default route - so I was wondering if what I am trying to do is
even possible and if not what's the purpose of being able to add more than
one public address to an inbound proxy?

Thanks for reading and I hope I made sense.