We have a 200 station lan and are running bordermanager 3.5. We have a
handful of problems, including:

-Windows Update Doesn't work through proxy
-Some av streams get stuck...bordermanager proxy continues to stream after
the client has disconnected.
-Other odd and intermittent proxy blockages (antivirus defs, random websites)
-In order to monitor web usage, we maintain static ips for all workstations.

We are changing to a new ISP, and I want to deal with all of these old
nagging issues and add a dhcp server in our environment.

I have a new cisco firewall appliance, and I'm thinking about the following
two options:

1. Abandon Bordermanager, use the cisco firewall for packet filtering and
add a linux box with squid and a dhcp server.

2. Upgrade Bordermanager, add a dhcp server.

My needs are simple. I want to

-simplify workstation administration (no more static ips)
-have a proxy that runs transparently to the user but allows us to monitor
web usage
-simplify administration and management of the proxy/firewall/dhcp server.

Bordermanager looks good on paper, but it's doesn't seem well maintained or
documented, and it's a pain to administer.

I've seen some squid-based products, and I am impressed.

Any thoughts/recommendations?