I have just deploy ZCM 10.3.1 with Asset Management and Patch Management on my environment.

I have 5 Primary Servers on Windows 2008 and a dedicated database server MSSQL 2005.

I have about 2200 devices, spread on 6 sites with 1Gb link.

I have a question about the growth of my database, this is 100 Mb each day. I think it's excessive, but I don't know if is normal or not.

My ZCM is working at low gas:

I have only 1 bundle assigned to all my devices, that copy a little exe and then launch it every time that the agent refresh. I have applied the TID 7004256 to filter system requeriments.

Also I have the DAU bundle assigned to all my devices.

I have 2 policies applied to all my devices, one of Remote Control and the other one to hide the ZenIcon.

I do a inventory daily of one site.

Asset Management is not configured, I only have 2 products that are being license compliance monitoring.

The last week only 150 devices were added to ZCM.

Can anyone tell me if is normal growth of 100 Mb each day of the database ? or tell me some clue where I can find what is happening ?

Thanks and Happy new year 2011.