Similar to the thread "weshwesh1 New node to a NCS 1.7 cluster... 04-Dec-2010, 12:52 AM"

How can I re-use a cluster licence on a different node? I believe this is esentially the same question as in the thread mentioned above.

NCS 1.80.5 on Netware 6.5 sp8 running as a two-node cluster. (The only clustered resource is DHCP for 42 subnets over 8 sites.)

Original servers in the cluster DNS2 (node 1) and ZEN2 (node 2).

Installed NCS to DNS1, made it a member of the same cluster without installing licences.

Followed TID 10060341 to remove ZEN2 from the cluster (but didn't actually remove the NLMs from Sys:system), and rebooted ZEN2.

ConsoleOne and iManager show there are only 2 nodes in the cluster - DNS2 and DNS1 - but Cluster Protocol Internals (viewed in ConsoleOne or iManager) reports nodeid for each of the three servers. This is not editable in either C1 or iManager.

When DNS2 loads the cluster (first node brought up) it shows nodes 1 and 3 on CMON screen.

When DNS1 loads cluster services it connects as node 3, reports no licence (on logger screen) and then leaves the cluster after about 6 minutes.

I have attempted to repair the cluster through iManager. If run while the cluster is up it advises that the cluster will need re-starting. If attempted while the cluster is down it times out with an error. When the cluster is started again CMON still shows nodes 1 and 3 and the Cluster Protocol Internals still lists all three servers.

For now I shall have to remove DNS1 from the cluster and re-install ZEN2 to provide resilience for the DHCP service.