Within the last days I upgraded my 3 in house servers from OES2-SP2 to
SP3, the online update did not work at all!

There is an issue with the "product-oes2-sp2" and the
"move-to-oes2-sp2.sh" script.
After installing the "move-to-oes2-sp3" patch, yast2 did not find any
patches or products. Rug terminated without any error message.

So the only solution was the DVD/CD upgrade method.
While updating with DVD/CD yast2 asks to delete the "product-oes2-sp2"
and the "move-to-oes2-sp2.sh" script.
The upgrade finished successfully.

Unfortunately Novell Support Advisor now reports an missing recommended
patch: the "product-oes2-sp2" !

# rug pch | grep '| Needed'
OES2-SP2-Online | product-oes2-sp2

Any ideas to get the updates to SP3 right?