First of all, happy new year. Now on to business....

I have a virtualized LibreOffice created with ZAV 8.0.2. What I want to do, is profile this for streaming it from a website. I created the LibreOffice app, by snapshotting the installation of the entire product.
It's jukeboxed, so it's all contained in one single .exe and I use "libreoffice.exe swriter" to start the writer for example. So far, so good.

Now, I want to profile this app, to make it ready for streaming. Problem is, I can't seem to get it to launch the writer for example. Even if I create a shortcut which starts it, which works fine, but when using the shortcut as the target to start profiling, I get an error that it can't find a program to start. This is because I have no auto-start's in the .exe. Like I said, I jukebox all of them. Appearantly, this makes it impossible to profile it. I since changed it to start the "soffice.exe" so I can at least profile, but then the 2nd question comes in.... How would I go about creating an App-config to launch a jukeboxed startup of the profiled app? If this is all impossible, then I guess I have to resort to snapshotting the single apps from the office suite, which would all work ofcourse, but would create a bunch of .exe's.

If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be much appreciated.