I'm trying to upgrade a server from OES2 SP1 (and SLES10 SP2) to OES2 SP2 (and SLES10 SP3).

Using yast2, I first did a couple of remaining patches for OES2 SP1 and rebooted. Everything was fine.

Then, with Yast2, I selected the migrate to OES2 SP2 (including SLES10 SP3) update and started it.

Rather then progressing as it did on the other systems I've done it stopped with a curl proxy error. I've now fixed this and the proxy is fine. However, the list of installed products and update providers is all messed up. I started to look at TID 3150078 but fell at the first hurdle! zmd does not list any installed products! Here's what I did:

# /usr/lib/zmd/query-pool products
# echo $?

query-pool has listed nothing at all and exited with a status of 1. TID 3150078 would let me update the update providers (nu.novell.com) butI don't have any products listed!

I suspect the OES2 SP2 upgrade script was able to delete the old products and update sources but because of the curl error was not able to configure the new ones.

Is the script available to run manually or can things be patched up by hand?