I am just wondering if anyone has installed the ZCM agent on a tablet device such as a Hanvon B10 or a HP Slate?

My boss recently indicated he would be willing to purchase an iPad if I wanted one. I have been doing research to ensure that if I do purchase I get something that will be a big benifit to me during work hours. I have thought about going to a Slate or similar Win7 device if it would perform like I want. Without actually purchasing or having someone with one I was looking for any information that would indicate whether it is a good idea to use ZCM on such a device or if this should be left off the device.

On a side note (I know it isn't the forum for this question.. sorry) If anyone has an opinion on using a tablet type device to manage networks I would love to hear it. My wants for such a device is to be able to manage my ZCM environment, OES (users/passwords) and my Help Desk Inventory away from my desk.