This could go in 3 different forums, I suspect, but I will post it here.

I am upgrading our GW 6.5 on NW 6.5 server to GW 8.0 on NW 6.5 tomorrow evening. I've already read Caledonia's upgrade guide and I have my head wrapped around the process. I also have ZCM 10 that is ready to send out the new client to all my machines. I have a question about a possible second option to upgrade my clients.

While setting up the setup.cfg for my GW 8.0 clients I was reminded of the auto update option for clients. As in, when a client connects to a PO and realizes that there is a newer version it will upgrade. Being that it's been years since we rolled out 6.5, I do not remember if we specified these options.

Is there a registry setting or cfg file I can set on all my workstations that will have the 6.5 clients pull down the newest GW client automatically? ZCM just doesn't work 100% on 100% of my machines. An auto update option would really help.

My environment:
4 x SLES 10 with OES 2 servers (new)
3 x NW 6.5 servers (slowly being retired)
1 x NW 6.5 w/ GW 6.5 (this is the one I am upgrading)

Thanks for an info you all can provide.