I have a strange issue that's not totally bordermanager related, but
that's part of it. I was hoping someone could help me.

I set up an automatic proxy configuration script on my workstations,
via the instructions Craig provides on his web page (http://
www.craigjconsulting.com/proxypac.html) and his bordermanager guide.
It works just fine when I have my firewall set to allow any outgoing
traffic. However, as soon as I limit the outgoing traffic to just
being allowed from the proxy server, the automatic config script
doesn't work.

The strange thing is, though, if I put the proxy configuration into
Internet Explorer manually (not using the automatic configuration
script) it DOES work.

I'd normally think that the script just wasn't working, but I know
that it works at least partially. The http proxy runs a surfcontrol
web filter, and when workstations run the script, the surfcontrol
software records their activity just fine, so I know it is routing
them through the right place.

Any ideas what might be happening? I'm totally lost as to a
solution. The problem is that right now, they can turn off the auto
proxy config, and bypass the web filter. I'd like to disallow any
http traffic that bypasses the proxy.