We used to have a problem with Proxy Authentication on a Citrix server.
I enabled TerminalServerAuthentication for the subnet
where al our workstations reside.
So, it works.

But, we also had 2 users using Bordermanager Proxy without Clienttrust and
Novell Client. They just logged in on the Novell BorderManager screen and
where able to use internet all day. But from the moment i changed my
proxy.cfg they are unable to use internet.

I figured out that if they remove the option "Do not use proxyserver for
local addresses" in IE, they can use internet. But only for the one screen
they have open, opening a second screen won't even get them the login

Is this because i use the entire subnet for terminalauthentication ?
(Bordermanager also resides on this subnet,
Or should i only put in the private address of the Citrix Server ?