Our situation:

The NSM Engine (Jan 12 2010 15:30:55) is running under Netware6.5SP8, on the same server are also a NSM Event Monitor and a NSM Agent. We have a second server under SLES10SP3/OES2a with the Agent and Event Monitor running. While both Event servers can be seen with the NSM-Admin appliction the agent server configuration window displays only the Netware server, and the "eligible agent server" list consists only of Netware boxes.
The Netware and the Linux server contain both the complete replica of all partitions of our NDS-tree. Because we are on transition from Netware to Linux we deploy both Netware and Linux clusters (NCS)

The problem:

On our Netware-cluster (NW6.5SP8) NSM is able to perform all operations (create homedir, move homedir, delete, browse with the Path Analysis tool). Neither does the Linux cluster. No homedirs are created. While the clustered volumes occure in the volume list, with the Path Analysis tool it isn't possible to browse these volumes. No directory tree of these clustered volumes is displayed, but an error message instead: "Policy paths are unreachable". Non clustered volumes on the Linux boxes (including NSS-Volumes SYS and VOL1) can be browsed with the Path Analysis tool.