This is my fourth production OES Linux install/migration and just hit a problem which weird.

I was able to create the NSS Pool and Volumes without any problems and they tested fine (I created a few files and edited them) Just like all the other servers

I ran the Server Migration Utility and copied all the data from the old server to the new server. Just like all the other migrations (I was just copying from one server to another nothing fancy)

Everything looked good. All the files were there. All the permissions were there. But when users tried to access the files... They couldn't open them. They would get errors (depending on the application) saying "Cannot find XXX file" to "Permissions denied"

While testing I found that I did have some luck when some 8.3 filenames but nothing else. By some luck I mean it would sometimes work and some times not.
Sometimes I could create a new file from scratch and edit it. Sometime I couldn't!!

I have run NSS Verifies and Rebuilds and rebooted more times then I can count but I can see nothing wrong. There is nothing in any logs I can find. It is as if the server just wants to **** me off???

I think the problem is a namespace problem, but the more I work on it the less sure I am...

Any ideas?