I recently applied SP6 to my NW6.5 server with BM 3.8 -
The users on the proxy server do not get a login screen - they only get
the access denied page "403 Forbidden"

It was working quite well until after the restart. Since then I have been
trying numerous things to get it going again.

On the proxy cache console there is an error -
Proxy SSL Listener Bind at All TCP/IP Addresses: 443
** Error ** Bind Error 48

At first I thought that perhaps the issue was a version conflict so I have
1.) Applied SP5 for Bordermanager - this did not help
2.) Upgraded to Bordermanager 3.9 (Might as well since it's not running
right now at any rate - and this is not critical to my business at this

I have tried shutting down apache and then starting the bordermanager -
this seems to resovle the bind error 48, but the users still are not
prompted for a login - they just get the error 403.

Any suggestions where to look next would be great -