I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. I'll describe the exact
configuration we have:

1. Each workstation is set to PXE boot ONLY when it is Wake-on-Lan (or
pushing F12 manually).
2. ZCM 10.3
3. We have a scripted image that we apply to our workstations in ZCC.
4. The machine is WOL or forced PXE boot (F12 key). It successfully gets
the image and reboots.
5. Because the machine was not WOL or forced PXE boot, it boots directly
from the C: drive. Windows starts. It goes through the build process. The
"just imaged" ZISD flag is set to "NO".
6. At this point, ZCC still shows that there is imaging work to do for this
7. If we do another WOL or forced PXE boot on this machine, it checks in
with the PXE server, does NOT image again, and then the workstation imaging
work is cleared in ZCC.

We can repeat the entire process, and it seems to do this for ALL of our

I did some research, and most seem to believe that the imaging-work "flag"
is cleared when the images are sent from the server. This doesn't appear to
be the case in ZCM 10. Can anyone confirm this is how it's supposed to
work? We can go back to PXE boot all the time, but it does add a few
seconds to the boot time of our already slow machines.