I have an NSS problem with a new OES2sp2 Linux Server

What exactly I am looking for is how to troubleshoot NSS?? I have looked at the Access portion of the OES2sp2 NSS Manual but even cranking up the debug to 15 shows nothing useful (if at all)

Also what exactly is the purpose of the NSSAdmin user? I have used the nssAdminInstall command a few time, but is there a manual way to make the user? (i.e. how can I check to make sure that user is correctly setup)

Are there any test utilities for NSS?


The reason I am sure it is a NSS issue is that I have three volumes. SYS, GROUP, HOME
SYS is on a ext3 partition and works like a dream
GROUP and HOME are NSS Volumes and they are not working.

I am able to create, write, delete, move (within the same volume) files with the NSS Volumes, but I am unable to do any operation that involves a read operation. However I am able to create a zero-length file and then edit it???

I have the same problem whether I am using NCP, Samba, NFS, SFTP, SCP or even if I am on the local server.
Depending on the application, I get a "Permission Denied" or a "Cannot find xxxxx file"