the file server is Netware 6.5 and i am new to this environment. just started learning..
i installed successfully and i created the volumes and user accounts successfully.
We are going to use this server only for file sharing and that too in only one volume.
the name is "oracleapps_vol"
i have already created a volume with the above name.
we have installed novell client 4.8 in all the user's pc having windows xp sp2.
now my question is... i want to map the volume "oracleapps_vol" and the default ones when the user logs in thru netware client 4.8.
for this, am i have to write any script in the netware 6.5?
if yes, where i have to write and what should i write for connecting only for the above said volume and also it should be a read-only.