Using GW802. External email received which contains a multipart message with text and html parts as well as parts for two embedded images. Html part shows two inline images, text part contains two references like this:

When recipient forwards-inline to user2 there is no problem, user2 sees the correct images.

When recipient forwards-as-attachment to user2 then user2 does not see image1 but sees a two copies of the second image rather than one copy of each image. The images are located in the correct placement and size relative to the text, it's just that the first image shows the content of the second image. It's as if it the viewer is mixing up which image part is which.

If user2 drags the attached email into his mailbox and clicks on it then it displays correctly.

Also if user2 is looking at the faulty display and does a forward-inline the new form that pops up now has the correct images again!

Any ideas?