Greetings, all, and Happy 2011...

I have a client with ~120 mailboxes running GW 8 in a NetWare 6.5 SP8 cluster. All agents (1 GWIA, 1 WebAcc, 2 POAs) run in protected memory spaces.

The majority of users in the organization rely on web access, however, a number in the office (half dozen) use via IMAP or POP3, and almost all employees have BlackBerry devices using BIS (not BES), so these connections rely on IMAP idle.

BES 5.0.1 is installed on the network, and running. I did see this issue prior to the heavy use of SOAP from BES, however, but perhaps not as often as it has been occurring recently.

GWIA RAM consumption, according to SEG, rises from about 80MB at initial load to 430+MB within 24 hours. At some point between one and two days of uptime, the GWIA begins to reject IMAP login requests. At the very beginning of the symptom, two or three re-tries will get in (I haven't confirmed this under POP3). Ultimately, however, IMAP logins will be consistently denied.

If the problem is allowed to persist, eventually, SMTP traffic stops (inbound and outbound).

A restart of GWIA (yes, I have /killthreads turned on) is possible if caught early enough. Later on, however, it is necessary to go into TCPCON to manually close POP3 and IMAP connections in order to get the GWIA to restart or exit.

Some stats, from the current run (I just had to restart the GWIA):

Uptime: 1 day, 5 hours, 33 minutes

Message	Out 	10 Minutes 	In 	10 Minutes
Normal	27	0	662	0
Status	0	0	0	0
Passthrough	0	0	0	0
Conversion Errors	0	0	0	0
Communication Errors	0	0	0	0
Total Bytes	9.9 M	 	129.6 M

SMTP Service
Messages Sent	27	 	 	 	 
Send Threads	0:12	 	 	 	 
Messages Received	663	 	 	 	 
Receive Threads	0:30	 	 	 	 
MX Lookup Errors	0	 	 	 	 
Unknown Hosts	0	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Read Errors	0	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Write Errors	0	 	 	 	 
Hosts Down	0	 	 	 	 
Connections Denied	0	 	 	 	 
Message Size Denied	0	 	 	 	 
Relaying Denied	0	 	 	 	 

POP3 Service
Total Sessions	5827	 	 	 	 
Active Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Active Secure Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Active Normal Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Idle Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Idle Secure Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Idle Normal Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Standard Threads	0:20	 	 	 	 
Secure Threads	0:0	 	 	 	 
Messages Sent	3917	 	 	 	 
Unknown Users	0	 	 	 	 
Password Authentication Errors	0	 	 	 	 
Retrieval Errors	50	 	 	 	 
Conversion Errors	0	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Read Errors	135	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Write Errors	10	 	 	 	 
Denied Access Count	0	 	 	 	 
Store Login Errors	159	 	 	 	 

IMAP Service
Total Sessions	4571	 	 	 	 
Active Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Active Secure Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Active Normal Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Idle Sessions 	2	 	 	 	 
Idle Secure Sessions 	0	 	 	 	 
Idle Normal Sessions 	2	 	 	 	 
Standard Threads	0:50	 	 	 	 
Secure Threads	0:0	 	 	 	 
Messages Sent	46148	 	 	 	 
Unknown Users	277	 	 	 	 
Password Authentication Errors	0	 	 	 	 
Retrieval Errors	0	 	 	 	 
Conversion Errors	0	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Read Errors	2008	 	 	 	 
TCP/IP Write Errors	5	 	 	 	 
Denied Access Count	0	 	 	 	 
Store Login Errors	147	 	 	 	 

LDAP Service
Threads	0:10	 	 	 	 
Public Sessions	0	 	 	 	 
Search Requests	0	 	 	 	 
Authenticated Sessions	0	 	 	 	 
Entries Returned	0
Configuration, (I have obfuscated the public domain names for obvious reasons):

Description:	Internet agent
Foreign ID:	domain1.tld
Platform:	NLM
Time Zone:	EST
GMT Offset:	GMT Offset= -5 hours, 0 minutes
Root Directory:	telstar\gwmail:\iadom\wpgate\gwia
Work Directory:	telstar\gwmail:\iadom\wpgate\gwia\000.prc
Startup File 	gwmail:\system\gwia.cfg
Network Address
TCP/IP Address:
Bind Exclusively to TCP/IP:	No
Optional Settings
Directory Synchronization:	No
Directory Exchange:	No
Accounting:	Yes
Convert status to messages:	No
Outbound status level:	None
Enable recovery:	Yes
Retry count:	10
Retry interval:	60 seconds
Failed recovery wait:	3600 seconds
Network reattach command:	None specified
Time Settings
Send/Receive cycle:	120 seconds
Minimum run:	0 seconds
Idle sleep duration:	30 seconds
Snap shot interval:	600 seconds
Log Settings
Log file path:	telstar\gwmail:\iadom\wpgate\gwia\000.prc\0106gwia.004
Logging level:	Normal
Maximum log file age:	7 days
Maximum log disk space:	65536 kb
Message Transfer Protocol Settings
Outbound MF traffic:	:0
Inbound MF traffic:	:0
SMTP/MIME Settings
SMTP service:	Enabled
Use SSL:	Disabled
Number of SMTP send threads:	12
Number of SMTP receive threads:	30
Hostname/DNS "A record" name:	host.domain1.tld
Relay hosts for outbound messages:	None specified
Scan cycle for send directory:	10 seconds
iCal Service:	Enabled
Use 7-bit encoding for SMTP messages	No
Kill threads on exit or restart:	Yes
Number of hours to retry messages:	96
Retry intervals:	20,20,20,60
Notify sender when message is delayed:	No
Publish version information:	Yes
ESMTP Settings
Delivery status notification:	Not active
DSN Hold Age:	4 days
Message Formatting
Inbound conversion threads:	4
Outbound conversion threads:	4
Default message encoding:	MIME
UUEncode all text attachments:	No
Quoted Printable text line wrapping:	No
Outbound message line wrap length:	72
Flat-Forwarding:	No
Address Handling
Ignore GroupWise Internet Addressing:	No
Expand groups on incoming messages:	Yes
Foreign domain for RFC-822 replies:	None specified
Foreign domain for MIME replies:	None specified
Commands:	5 minutes
Data:	3 minutes
Connection establishment:	2 minutes
Initial Greeting:	5 minutes
TCP read:	5 minutes
Connection termination:	10 minutes
Amount of original message to return:	2 kb
Forward undeliverable messages to host:	None specified
Move to problem directory:	Yes
Send to postmaster:	No
Reject mail if sender cannot be verified:	No
Mailbomb protection:	Enabled
Message threshold 	30
Time threshold	10 seconds
Dial-up service:	Not active
HTTP Settings
HTTP service:	Enabled
HTTP port:	9850
HTTP over SSL:	Enabled
Refresh rate:	60 seconds
POP Settings
POP service:	Enabled
Use SSL:	Disabled
POP port:	110
Number of POP threads:	20
Secure POP service:	Not active
IMAP Settings
IMAP service:	Enabled
Use SSL:	Disabled
IMAP port:	143
Number of IMAP threads:	50
Secure IMAP service:	Not active
LDAP Settings
LDAP service:	Enabled
Number of LDAP threads:	10
LDAP context:	None specified
LDAP referral URL:	None specified
The GWIA is currently responding, but when I attempt to view the log file, I get "NWSCreatePortal was unable to create a portal." In addition, at the time of restart, the HTTP thread apparently hadn't closed down; I needed to bounce it once more to get to the web interface.

Currently, the servers (both are identical) are running HP Proliant DL380 G4's, with 4GB RAM. This particular server is currently only hosting GW, as I try to nail down the issue (though I do see this symptom no matter which box is hosting the GW services). I currently have NIC teaming disabled, so only one connection to the switch (Cisco/LinkSys 10/100/1000). NIC is on auto, and currently running at a gig, full.

Any suggestions? Bad message? Rebuild the GWIA? (I haven't tried that.) Test in OS space vs protected?