Recently we underwent an analog phone replacement to VoIP phones project. Now, the only major changes we did to our network was added cisco 3750 switches which have POE and stacked them with our older switches I think are 2700s. We have been noticing that after a user turns on their machines from a shutdown that many problems are coming up. We are an all Novell campus and we have been noticing that our drive mappings are not being displayed with the error 8884 Server is unknown andt hat on XP machines and Win7 machines we would have to manually put in our server ips for the users to log into Novell or they would get a "Can't find tree or server".

Now I have been reading that SLP information is sent via the DHCP requests. We do have a gateway in place that hands out DHCP requests from the phones (which are on a different vlan ) and then also passes the DHCP requests for the computers (which also goto a different vLan ) The phones and the computers receive their proper IPs and everybody can surf etc but I can't get services from the DA servers like the drive mappings or even login. Has anybody seen this problem before? Is there something I should setup in the DHCP settings? Could the new switches be dropping the information?