On the wiki for setting up an iPhone (IPhone 4.X - CoolSolutionsWiki), it discusses an issue with password expirations. "If your LDAP password expires, a message will be displayed on the device indicating that the user name or password is incorrect. If you change your password expiration time (perhaps you're on the road and don't have a way to change your password so you call the help desk and have them extend your password expiration time), the device will continue to display the incorrect password message. A dialog may be displayed asking for the password but even typing in your password (the same password because it hasn't really changed) will still continue to fail. You may also receive a message that the device failed to connect to the server. It seems as though the iOS keeps some sort of state where it will not attempt to use a password that it has received a failure for. To get around this, you can go to the account settings on the device and (1) for iOS v3.x, simply tap the password field (so that the cursor is in the field) and then exit the account settings (you don't need to make any changes in the edit field) or (2) for iOS v4.x, re-enter the same password in the password field and tap Done. This will cause the device to once again send the requests to the Mobility server. "
Just entering in the password did not resolve the issue on an iPhone 4.2 that I was working with. So, I removed the account entirely from the phone with no luck. Then, i removed the account completely from the phone and the connectors with no luck. Now, it will not verify the settings at all. Any suggestions? We do have other iPhones connected and working. I am not sure of the versions of the working phones.