Hello all,

Here's my situation.

I recently migrated from Netware to SLES. The problem appeared following the migration.

I am running Groupwise 8.0.2 HP1.

Here's the problem.

Any changes in ConsoleOne appear to never make it to the post office, specifically wphost.db. Therefore, the address book never updates (as well as anything else the POA needs to know from the domain).

Here's my workaround.

Every time I need to make changes (Add/Delete Users/Distribution Lists etc.) I have to take down the groupwise agents and rebuild the Post Office database. Then the changes will appear once the agents are brought back online.

Here's what I have done to troubleshoot this.

Confirmed that all links are correct and that the MTA reports all links as open, including the POA.

Attempted to manually synchronize objects in C1.

Performed a top-down rebuild of the Groupwise system.

Turned on verbose logging of MTA and Post Office (interestingly, even post office setting changes in ConsoleOne aren't recognized until the wphost.db is rebuilt. So to turn on Verbose logging on the POA in ConsoleOne, I had to rebuild the PO)

I make a change in ConsoleOne and watch the logs...nothing. I tried on both Linux and Windows versions of C1. Shouldn't I see these changes propagate via the MTA to the POA?