Hi all!
We have to do some scheduled migration tasks, so therefore an automated usage of mls, migfiles etc. is needed. Problem is, that I have to enter the credentials (at least after server reboot), so not automatism is working.
Documentation and forum say: CASA and migcred is the solution. But I do not really get the point using these tools.
What I did:
1. Configure credentials with migcred.
This works, but after a reboot it does not work anymore. Also CASAcli -l does not show the credential set (even before reboot).
Does migcred store the information at all?
2. Using existing CASA store credentail set:
Because of the services installed I already have some credentials sets in CASA store.
Question: when I use "mls -s IP-address -V VOL --use-casa"
How can I reference one special CASA credential set? Means: how does mls knows which CASA store credential set to use?

Many thanks for any ideas.