Hi Guys,

We are planning to make a new ZCM 11 Zone, so that we can start a fresh and put our new windows 7 machines in a seperate zone, but before we can do that we need to free up one of our existing ZCM10 Primaries so that we can use the hardware. I don't want to leave the old ZCM 10 zone with only one primary, so my question is:

If we virtualise an existing Primary (not the first one) using VMWare VCentre converter, should I take it out of our Zone first and then re-add the VM, or should I be good to just straight virtulise it.

Random question I know, but i'm just wondering if there are any obvious pitfalls I should be aware of?

The existing kit, is running sles 10 sp2 and it connects to our external MS SQL database.