Hi all: We are in the process of deploying many new workstations. They workstations are all identical hardware but requiring slightly different software loads. We use sysprep for deployment.

My original plan is to create a common base image and then branch from there to the different software loads. However, this will mean creating 5 separate images (common, non-sysprep'ed (2) and sysprep'ed (2)). I always create both a non-sysprep'ed and sysprep'ed image so I can easily modify the non-sysprep'ed image and recreate the sysprep'ed image.

So I am not sure how to proceed. One option is to create one image with all software and then remove what is not needed via ZCM. Another option is to add the unique software post imaging via ZCM. However, this must be done as part of the entire imaging process as once the machine is re-imaged it must be ready for use immediately and cannot have a period where the apps are being downloaded following user login.

What do you tink would be the best solution, and how can I have ZCM install/remove bundles during the imaging process (or post imaging reboots)? Thanks, Chris.