We are on ZCM 10.3.1
In Zen7, we had an app that allowed us to take a text file and modify a
line to replace YOURNAME with the variable %Full_Name%
in Novell NDS, if %Full_Name% field was set as JOHN P SMITH
The text file would replace YOURNAME with JOHN P SMITH

Same thing with an email address
EMAILADDRESS was replaced with the variable %Internet_Email_Address%

I have been able to get the Full_Name to work with ${CN}

Since we are pulling the information from AD, I tried several different
variables such as ${mail} and ${sAMAccountName} and they do not work

Where does ZCM pull user variables from?

Is there any tech doc on this? I am lost and really need this to get
working. I have plenty of tech support calls to burn with Novell, but
lately the phone support has been pretty bad.