Hi there,
I have two OES2 servers in the same tree. One is a file server and the other is running groupwise 8. The groupwise server is also used for LDAP authentication for two 3rd party applications on two other Windows servers.
My problem is I cannot get my 3rd party applications to authenticate when I switch their authentication from the groupwise oes2 server, to using the other one. I would like redundancy and so want to get the other server in as a backup for authentication.

I am not a very advanced user when it comes to eDirectory and especially Linux OES software. The servers were installed by a Novell expert who is currently not available. So, I have no idea even if LDAP is functioning correcly and how one would check on the one server?
I have also checked with a freeware LDAP browser. The browser connects and searches the one server fine, but it won't connect to the other one and gives an error.

Where would I possibly start trying to solve this?