I was offered a 40" Sony TV...... and in a moment of weakness I accepted. My son, Philip now has a big TV in the basement. Thank gawd.... for a walk in basement and the big wheeled cart the guy who gave me the TV offered to let me use to get that beast installed.

I also discovered how much number one son needs to get on a exercise program.

but the cart went through the sliding glass door and up to the TV stand that I built many years ago. It's a bit longer than a king sized bed and the top is 26" off the floor, so getting it up and on was not a big deal (except for Philip almost dropping his end)

Phew.... did I mention that it's snowing (about 5" so far) and it helped us move in.... uh huh and if your belief factor runs to snow helping move TV sets, I have a bridge to sell you.

and Philip has a separate TV for his Nintendo games and one to watch. What parents do to make their kids life better.