Enhancements provided by the new Patch Notification by Product Tool

Novell Services is pleased to announce the availability of the new Patch Notification by Product Tool . This tool has been designed based on customer feedback and is intended to make your patching experience easy and intutive. This tool will assist you to find the right patch content for your specific environment and will help you keep your systems updated and running smoothly. Please be sure to take advantage of the following benefits:

You can now subscribe to patch notifications for a specific product (at the Product Line level), while keeping the option to retain your existing subscriptions to ALL SUSE and/or ALL Novell patch notifications.

Integration:SUSE & Novell patch notifications are now integrated into a single subscription tool, accessible from the Novell Customer Center.

Frequency:You can choose to receive notifications on a daily or weekly basis for all products. In addition, the “ALL SUSE products” option allows for immediate notification when a new patch is made available.

Type of Notification:As before, you can specify if you want to be notified of ALL new patches, or only of Security updates.

Subscription ModesThere are three convenient ways to subscribe:
  • Find a product Quickly enter any part or abbreviation of your product's name
  • ALL products Select your product from a list
  • Suggested products Check if Novell suggests products based on your purchase history
Notification Format
Notification emails are delivered in either HTML or TXT formats, depending on the preferences set on your email system.

Questions or feedback regarding the new tool should be directed to patch-downloads@novell.com.